September 13, 2010

Lola’s HMMA Nominations


A continued willingness to evolve creatively is the mark of a true artist. Ottawa-based songstress Lola Spriggs is one such artist, as is confirmed by her 2010 single, “Nobody But You.”

Over the course of a career that has included stints in regional favourites The Republic and fronting Rough Edges and releasing two acclaimed solo albums, 2004 Lifescrapes and 2008’s Barefoot, Lola has established herself as a singer capable of delivering a potent combination of vocal power and emotional passion.

Both attributes are put on vivid display on “Nobody But You,” a compelling ballad featuring a vocal performance observers are terming Lola’s very best yet. “The song has brought out some nice qualities in my voice, and I’m just really happy with the result,” notes Spriggs with justified pride. She singles out “the fantastic vocal arrangement work” of Rane Parish as a key ingredient in the track’s success.

The song was written by internationally acclaimed producer/songwriter Marcus Kane (Snow, Joey Boy, Glenn Lewis), Bogene Williams, and Stan Stpor.. Lola had initially approached Kane to work on the production of some new material they’d been shaping. “After hearing my voice, Marcus thought the song would be a good fit for me,” recalls Lola.

In turn, it was love at first listen for Spriggs. “I am huge on melodies and I could hear huge potential for melody and harmony on it.” That potential has been fulfilled, as lush and layered vocal harmonies (all courtesy of Lola) and Kane’s crisp and contemporary production give the tune genuine emotional heft. The uplifting lyrics of “Nobody But You” also resonated deeply with the singer. The loved one in the song is leaving, but such sentiments as “knowing that you care takes away all my fears” give the song a comforting tone.

Lola and her creative team are now preparing other tunes for a planned spring release of a new mini-album. “I’m at one of those transition moments as an individual and as an artist. We continue to explore, going another step beyond where we have been,” she declares, with hard-earned confidence. Following that musical journey promises to be a richly rewarding experience.

Written by Kerry Doole