Your One And Only

Lola Spriggs is an Ottawa-based singer now making major moves across North America. Her previous single, "Nobody But You," was a breakthrough U.S. radio hit in 2010. The #1 "most added" song on adult contemporary radio for three weeks running, it reached #11, deservedly placing Spriggs alongside the likes of Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Colbie Caillet, Rob Thomas and Miley Cyrus in the upper reaches of the charts. It went on to officially crack the MediaBase AC Top 40, and brought Lola impressive media coverage.

Look for even greater success with her brand new single. "Your One And Only" has one of those irresistible melodies you don't want to shake, and Lola does it full justice. As with "Nobody But You," the new track is a collaboration between Spriggs and acclaimed Toronto producer/songwriter Marcus Kane. Landing at #13 on the FMQB AC40 earlier in 2012, “Your One and Only” has now garnered Lola another Hollywood Music in Media nomination for Best Adult Contemporary/AAA Song.

Lola recalls that "when Marcus brought in this version of 'Your One And Only,' the melody and the potential for harmony is what really grabbed me." She and Kane worked together on shaping the lyrics, while noted arranger Rane Parish helped Lola hit a game-winning home run with her convincingly tender vocal performance. "We decided to take a softer, more innocent approach on this one," says Lola. As Kane notes, "Lola totally nailed it, conveying the lyric of the song perfectly."

Spriggs' voice is a seductive combination of power and passion, and is an instrument capable of conveying the widest range of emotions. Her talents as a singer and performer have long been well-known in Canada. After making an impact in the bands The Republic and Rough Edges, she released two acclaimed solo albums, 2004 Lifescrapes and 2008’s Barefoot.

Her earlier work explored an amalgam of light rock stylings, but Lola has made the transition to mature and polished adult contemporary pop with graceful ease. "Art is always evolving, and tastes and moods change, as you travel through life. I don't wear the clothes I used to. My musical style now reflects where I am in my life, and it is very close to my own taste in music now." This evolution now fits her like an elegant custom-tailored suit.

Spriggs will soon release Shine, her highly-anticipated new album, as well as a Christmas single, "One Wish," that is destined to become a seasonal favourite. Ladies and gentlemen, here's the One and Only Lola Spriggs!